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The Fire Department started in 1977.

There are approximately 37 Active Volunteer Firefighters, and 2 Junior Firefighters JRFF (Ages 15 thru 18). They are fully volunteer and cover the entire Town of Oneida.  

Firemen's Picnic, First Sunday in June - June 2, 2024

The Fire Station is located at:

N6611 County Road H

Oneida, WI 54155

and is funded thru the Town of Oneida.  


If you are interested in becoming

a Firefighter contact the Fire Chief,

Assistant Chief, any Fireperson

on the list or the Town Hall

at (920) 833-2211.

The Oneida Volunteer Fire Department


Fire Chief: Glen Olson @ (920) 655-4625

Assistant Chief: Kurt Olson @(920)639-4671

Captain:  Joe Maass

Lieutenant: Chet Olson

Secretary: Kyle VandenLangenberg

Treasurer: Anna Froelich

Fire Board: Morgan Vanden Langenberg

and Theo Kurowski

  1. Glen Olson                        

  2. Kurt Olson

  3. Joe Maass

  4. Chet Olson

  5. Kyle Vanden Langenberg

  6. Anna Froehlich                                      

  7. Paul Breitenfelt

  8. Jim Olson

  9. Kurt Pelky

  10.  Justin Nooyen

  11. Cory Vandecamp

  12. Karl Hornick

  13. Don Jorgenson

  14. Cheyenne Steffes

  15. DJ Jorgenson

  16. Pat Vande Voort

  17. Dave Vanden Berg

  18. Tim Jorgenson

  19. Terry Hock

  20. Mike Maass

  21. Matt Vanden Langenberg

  22. Brent Olson

  23. Morgan Vanden Langenberg

  24. Adam Vanden Berg

  25. Andy McInnis

  26. Al Mullen

  27. Jason Vanden Langenberg

  28. Scott Schaumberg

  29. Chris Vanden Langenberg

  30. Bryan Schamberg

  31. Dean Rasmussen

  32. Sean Skenandore

  33. Theo Kurowski

  34. Gary Olson 

  35. Steve Mullen

  36. Riley Olson (JRFF)

Town of Oneida

N6593 County Road H

Oneida, WI 54155

Phone (920) 833-2211

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